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Flower Language

Rose Flower Number
1 rose represents -- I only have you in my heart ONLY YOU

2 roses represent -- there are only you and me in this world

3 roses represent: sincerity and honesty

4 roses represent -- till death

5 roses represent: sincere appreciation

6 roses represent -- mutual respect, love and tolerance

7 roses represent -- hopeless and irreversible love

8 roses represent: Thank you for your care, support and encouragement

9 roses represent -- patience and expectation

10 roses represent perfect and flawless

11 roses represent: my love only cares about you

12 roses represent: my love for you is growing day by day

13 roses represent-long-lasting friendship

14 roses represent -- You make me proud

15 roses represent -- I'm sorry

16 roses represent -- changeable and uneasy love

17 roses represent -- I love you secretly

18 roses represent -- I love you

19 roses represent longevity

20 roses represent -- mutual love, my sincere heart for you

21 Roses Agency--Sincere Love

22 roses represent: good luck, couples

28 roses represent: Miss you every second

30 roses represent -- Faith is destiny

33 roses represent: Three lives, three worlds, my beloved

36 roses represent--My heart belongs to you, romance

40 roses represent -- everlasting love

44 roses represent -- till death

50 roses represent: encounter, no regrets, we finally meet

51 roses represent -- courtship

66 roses represent true love

77 roses represent -- We are destined to meet each other.

88 roses represent -- make up with heart

99 roses represent: eternity, long-lasting love, and firmness

100 roses represent a happy marriage, 100% love, and a long life together.

101 roses represent--You are my only one, forever

108 roses represent: Please marry me, proposal

365 roses represent: I miss you every day and love you for 365 days

520 roses represent -- I love you

999 roses represent endless love, everlasting love, and a romantic life.

1001 roses represent loyal love, forever and forever

Flower Type:

Rose: Love, love and beauty, radiance, love and romance

Rose (Black): Darkness, Challenge (You are the devil and I own you), Gentleness and sincerity

Rose (red): Passion, love for you, love

Rose (pink): Touching, declaration of love, engraved in the heart, first love

Rose (white): Innocence, purity, respect, I am worthy of you

Rose (yellow): cherish blessings, jealousy, heartbreak, breakup, faded love, want to break up

Rose (green): pure and simple, youthful and permanent

Rose (blue): mysterious, charming, perseverance, fortitude, preciousness, kindness, individuality and creativity, unattainable things

Rose (purple): cherished love, romantic true feelings, precious and unique

Rose Rose (blue-purple): precious, rare, cherished love.

Rose (orange-yellow): youthful, beautiful

Rose (green and white): Innocence, simplicity or a child’s heart

Rose (two-color): conflicted or more interested

Rose (orange-red): first love, friendship, youth and beauty

Rose (bouquet): Happy love

Champagne Rose: Falling in love with you is the greatest happiness in my life, a dreamy feeling, missing you is my sweetest pain, being with you


White tulips represent purity, innocence, and innocence. Pink tulips represent beauty, love, and happiness. Red tulips represent love confession, blessing, joy, and glory. Purple tulips represent eternal love, endless love, and favorite. Yellow tulips represent nobility, cherishment, and wealth.

Lily represents pure love. Lily represents great love and wedding blessing.

Sunflowers represent admiration and worship

Hyacinthus represents laughter, joy, and love

Sunflowers represent perseverance, like the sun shining on my life

Carnations represent motherly love

Platycodon grandiflorum represents true and unchanging love

Alice means Miss You

Calla lily represents wishes

Hydrangea represents happiness. Blue hydrangea represents devotion and love.

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