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1. How do I change my order?


If you want to change the style, change the delivery address or change the delivery date and time, please email at least 72 hours before delivery, we will not accept phone/whatsapp changes. Each order can be changed once for free, and each subsequent change will be subject to a $100 surcharge.

For details, please refer to:


2. Change the card


Since we have a pre-determined format for printing the card and print the card immediately after payment, if the customer needs to change the confirmed content, we will charge HKD 50 as a one-time administrative fee for modification.


3. I need your flower products next Friday, when is the latest time to order?


We can also make and deliver on the same day, but some special varieties of flowers may be out of stock.

Please place your order as soon as possible. Adequate preparation is of course a prerequisite for exquisite products.

When we are in a hurry, some flower materials may be out of stock, we will communicate with customers to replace the flower materials (the process is very complicated). Customers will also worry about the shape after replacing the flowers, causing unnecessary trouble.

By placing an order three days before shipping, we can ensure that all online orderable products are delivered in top condition as photos.


4. How long can the bouquet be kept? Can flowers be picked up a day earlier and fresh the next day?


All flowers are freshly shipped from the supplier to Hong Kong every day. Because cut flowers are generally cut off during transportation, we will make the flowers absorb enough water and nutrient solution before making bouquets.

The bouquet can be kept in the best condition for 2-4 days in a ventilated environment, just add the right amount of water (100ml a day) directly above the bouquet.


5. The product is not as expected


If you have any comments on the received goods, please call 60201162 within 12 hours after receiving the goods to inquire about the arrangement of replacement or refund, please prepare the order number, time and date of receipt, digital photos of the relevant goods, and Keep the goods and their packaging. Be sure to keep all damaged, out of specification or incorrect shipments. In order to improve our service, we may request to take back the goods for investigation. If the buyer/recipient fails or refuses to return the goods, no compensation may be awarded. Thank you for your understanding. If Flower Bouquet HK requests to take back the goods for investigation, it will be made within one day after receiving the application.


6. Refund matters

All orders are non-refundable once paid.

If the product cannot be delivered to the customer as scheduled due to non-human factors (wind, plague, traffic paralysis, etc.), the store reserves the right to refuse a refund.

In case of any disputes, the company reserves the right of final decision.

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