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Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Flower Package

Flowers are the heart of your wedding - they complement your beautiful dress, set the scene, and appear in every photo. But there are so many choices for wedding flowers that many brides have trouble choosing.

Our florists can prepare the flowers needed on the day according to your dress style, taste and budget, solving your worries.

Set Flowers*

Flower type A: single-color roses, platycodon grandiflorum, beauty lily, sunflower, lily, ping-pong daisy

Flower category B (starting from +$200): Cymbidium, rose, mini rose, sunflower, orchid

Flower type C (starting from +$400): Hydrangea, sunflower, trade wind lily, calla lily, amaryllis, spathiphyllum, Alice

Flower type D (starting from +$700): Calla lily, large peony, small peony, American rose, tulip

Wedding Flowers

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