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Tips for Caring for Flowers

Easy maintenance


No need to open the wrapping paper, use the pollen we provide to open 1 liter of water, and use the opened pollen water to irrigate a Yakult bottle of 200 ml from the center of the bouquet every one to two days, which will effectively increase the life of the flowers.

Professional maintenance


- Open the wrapping paper, find a vase of suitable size and put it in, pour about 70% pollen mixed water into the vase

- Daily water changes

- Because the bottom of the flower stem is responsible for absorbing water, the cut of the flower stem will tree tree at a very fast rate, hindering the water absorption. Therefore, it is necessary to cut about 1CM from the stem of the bouquet every day (professional flower scissors are required) to keep the flowers with a fresh cut and absorb water, which greatly increases the life of the flowers.


The taboo of planting flowers


High temperature - 18 degrees or more

– Most of the flower materials are from western countries (the temperature is about 0-18 degrees), and the extreme weather for the flowers will cause them to die quickly, and they will die before the growth is completed.

Air does not circulate

– The lack of air circulation will accelerate the metabolism of the flower layer and accelerate the aging.

Dirty Vase water 

– The water in the vase is dirty, which means there is bacteria growing in the water. Wash the vase with bleach to kill germs.

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