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Ruyi (with basin)
Ruyi has beautiful leaves, is shade-tolerant, and can absorb nicotine and formaldehyde. The higher the concentration of pollutants in the air, the more it can perform its air purification ability! It is very suitable for dark rooms with poor ventilation conditions.

Effects <br>Growing Jasper at home can purify the air, absorb harmful gases, release oxygen, beautify the environment, and absorb radiation next to the computer. It also has the function of absorbing electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and other electrical appliances. It has a certain purification effect on formaldehyde, xylene, and second-hand smoke.

Cultivation method <br>Light: Avoid direct sunlight, it is best to grow in semi-shade.
Water: It likes humidity. Water more frequently during the growing period from May to September. When the weather is hot, spray or water the leaves to maintain a higher air humidity and keep the leaves clear in pattern and emerald green in color.
Soil: loose, fertile, well-drained soil is required, which can be mixed with river sand, mud and leaf mold.

Height (picture): 35 cm Width (picture): 22 cm

Ruyi (with basin)

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