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Marriage Proposal Decoration MARRY ME Package

#Service time 6 hours (4 hours for installation, 2 hours for proposal and 1 hour for disassembly)

#Including installation and removal fee

#All packages include shipping fee

Marriage Proposal Decoration MARRY ME Package

  • The layout includes:

    1. MARRY ME letter light

    2. 2 strings of 3m cotton thread balls

    3. Neon lights (love word)

    4. Silver balloon (love word)

    5. Pearl White 3D Heart Balloon

    6. Pearl white balloons 80 pieces

    7. 20 golden balloons

    8. 2m cabinet window light (plug in)

    9. 10m string lights 1 string

    10. 24 electronic candles

    11. 15 packs of red rose petals

    12. Standing transparent balloon with white feathers 10 pieces

    13. 2m wire light 10 inches

    14. Silver love balloon (conjoined)

    15. 99 red roses bouquet (additional $1000 required)

    • Please read our store's shipping and flower material regulations carefully.
    • There are two delivery time periods: 9am-1pm and 1pm-6pm, which can be selected on the payment page. For other delivery time periods, please read the delivery time details carefully.
    • The product images on the website are for reference only.
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