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Blue Dalbergia (potted plant with pot)

Blue heather is native to Mexico. When placed indoors, it can purify the air and absorb formaldehyde. It can be used to decorate study rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, etc., making them look noble and elegant.

Absorbs electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and other electrical appliances. Has a certain purification effect on formaldehyde, xylene and second-hand smoke.

Cultivation method
Light: The leaves will be bright only if they receive sufficient sunlight. If there is too little sunlight, the leaves will be light in color, the leaves will be loosely arranged, elongated, and thinner. In summer, pay attention to proper shading, and full sunlight is acceptable in other seasons.
Water: It grows near rocks at high altitudes, so it cannot tolerate waterlogging. It likes warm and dry weather, so just keep the soil dry. Water it about once every 15 days in summer.
Soil: Soil with good drainage and air permeability.

  • Height (picture): 13 cm
  • Width (picture): 13 cm

Blue Dalbergia (potted plant with pot)

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