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Peacock Arrowroot (with pot)
The peacock plant is highly adaptable and easy to maintain. It is an evergreen plant all year round. It is highly ornamental when placed indoors and can also purify the air. It is both beautiful and practical.

Effect <br>Removes ammonia pollution from the air

Cultivation method
illumination: It should not be exposed to direct sunlight and should grow in a warm and humid environment.
Moisture: Sufficient water should be given during the growing period, especially in summer and autumn, in addition to keeping the potting soil moist, you should also spray water on the leaves frequently to cool down and retain moisture.
soil: The soil requirements are not very strict, but it must be kept moderately moist. Dry air and dry soil in the pot should be avoided, but water cannot accumulate.

Height (picture): 30 cm
Width (picture): 23 cm

Peacock Arrowroot (with pot)

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